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  • Iraqi PM orders arrest of protesters : Sun, 01 May, 2016 15:57:08
    The Iraqi prime minister orders the arrest of Shia Muslim activists who stormed parliament, as Sunni militants claim a deadly bomb attack in the south.
  • Manchester United 1-1 Leicester City : Sun, 01 May, 2016 15:55:21
    Leicester City will have to wait for another day at least to be Premier League champions after drawing at Manchester United.
  • German party adopts anti-Islam policy : Sun, 01 May, 2016 15:48:59
    The German right-wing Alternative fur Deutschland adopts an explicitly anti-Islam policy at a party conference marred by clashes.
  • Chemical leaks from US derailed train : Sun, 01 May, 2016 15:31:36
    A freight train derails in Washington DC spilling hazardous liquid, emergency officials say.
  • Swansea City 3-1 Liverpool : Sun, 01 May, 2016 14:57:14
    Swansea City make sure of their place in next season's Premier League with an easy win over 10-man Liverpool.
  • Hamilton battles back as Rosberg wins : Sun, 01 May, 2016 14:57:11
    Nico Rosberg dominates the Russian Grand Prix to take his fourth win in a row as Lewis Hamilton fights back to finish second.
  • VIDEO: Obama stars in spoof retirement video : Sun, 01 May, 2016 14:35:19
    Barack Obama stars in spoof retirement video as he nears the end of his second term as President of the United States
  • 'IS' link to Turkey car bomb : Sun, 01 May, 2016 14:25:43
    A suicide bomber kills two policemen in south-eastern Turkey, in an attack officials blame on a suspected Islamic State militant.
  • Vietnam protest over fish die-off : Sun, 01 May, 2016 13:32:37
    Hundreds of people hold a rare protest in Vietnam against the mass death of fish, which the demonstrators blame on a Taiwanese company.
  • US presses Russia over Syria fighting : Sun, 01 May, 2016 13:18:57
    The US presses Russia over a plan to revive a nationwide ceasefire in Syria, particularly in the embattled city of Aleppo.


Earth Air and Water

Paramotor, PPG, EPPG, Paragliding, Speed Flying

  • Paramotor Forum : Tue, 05 February, 2013 22:22:09
    The best paramotor forum can be found here Paramotor Forum
  • PPG Safety while Flying Over Water on a Paramotor : Sun, 21 October, 2012 20:51:48
    Flying over water with a paramotor always presents us with a risk of drowning from a possible engine failure, wing malfunction or simply a pilot mistake. There are specific water rescue systems than can be bought and added to your paramotor. There is also the wear a self inflating life jacket / vest not under, […]
  • New engine from Polish manufacturer TechnoFly, the Rotor H-130 : Thu, 18 October, 2012 14:00:25
    ; ; ; TechnoFly the company that brought us the Ventor 125 a light weight engine that incorporated a clutch, a geared re-drive and an electric starter all into a 13.3kg engine package. They have now gone on to produce an even lighter engine by eliminating the clutch, gearbox and starter motor to produce a […]
  • new paramotor ppg wing from Paramania, the GTX, a cross country power glider – video : Thu, 18 October, 2012 13:33:02
    [youtube] The Paramania GTX the bivouac generation is now here. Under pressure, many prototypes later and several years on, the unsatisfied MCJ has finally become satisfied. His project to create the perfect wing for the “X”- country pilot and bivouac flying as well as the average club pilot out to travel is now finished. As […]
  • Devin Supertramp Paramotor Video of the PARABATIX SKY RACERS : Wed, 03 October, 2012 08:23:50
    Parabatix skyracers gets the Devin Supertramp treatment. Devin has made a name for himself travelling around the world showcasing many different sports and talents bringing the top skills of a few individuals to be seen by the world via youtube. This time it was the turn of the Parabatix Skyracers. A flying competition dreamt up […]


Fly Ozone

  • Cloudbase Foundation in Nepal : Fri, 22 April, 2016 15:49:47
    After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal last year, Karma Flights and The Cloudbase Foundation jumped to action and raised truly impactful amounts of support in both supplies and monetary donations. OZONE provided a donation of $10,000.00 to support the recovery efforts of the foundation. But, they are still on the ground and continue their [...]
  • BE SEEN: Hi-Visibility Color Schemes : Fri, 04 March, 2016 17:53:38
    New OZONE High-Vis color schemes are now available for all gliders in the OZONE lineup. These high-vis schemes are the most visible color combinations that we offer, and are designed for pilots who seek the maximum in air-to-air visibility. Check out the schemes on each glider’s product page. Enjoy the view!
  • Hernan Pitocco joins the Ozone Team : Thu, 03 March, 2016 19:58:36
    We are excited to announce a new partnership with Hernan Pitocco. We have long admired Hernan’s imaginative projects around the world; his sense of adventure and his eye for airborne beauty have created some of the most impressive images seen in our sport. He has been an overall world cup champion, an XC distance world [...]
  • Karma Flights Update : Mon, 22 February, 2016 21:41:56
    In April and May of 2015, Nepal was struck by devastating earthquakes, and pilot run Karma Flights was on the ground doing amazing work to bring aid to the local population immediately. With thousands of pilot donations, they’ve been able to bring significant relief since the earthquake hit. Here is an update from Karma Flights [...]
  • Mojo PWR - official product video : Wed, 17 February, 2016 08:15:49
    Have a look at the new Mojo PWR video and hear all the details from the design team and veteran instructor. Based on the Mojo 5, the Mojo PWR is a versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. Certified EN A, it is suitable for students in training but ideal for the [...]


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