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  • Israel warns of 'prolonged' Gaza war : Tue, 29 July, 2014 05:32:24
    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns of a "prolonged" military campaign in Gaza, following an upsurge of violence from both sides.
  • US: Russia 'violated missile treaty' : Tue, 29 July, 2014 05:04:14
    Russia has violated an arms treaty by testing a nuclear cruise missile, the US says, as Barack Obama discusses sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
  • UN blacklists N Korea arms ship firm : Tue, 29 July, 2014 04:53:30
    The UN blacklists the operator of a North Korean ship seized near the Panama Canal in July 2013 with undeclared Cuban weapons on board.
  • VIDEO: Huge explosion hits Gaza building : Tue, 29 July, 2014 04:37:29
    Israeli airstrike have hit a building housing several media companies in central Gaza.
  • Coe 'will not run for BBC Trust job' : Tue, 29 July, 2014 03:51:54
    Lord Coe indicates that he has withdrawn from the race to be the next chairman of the BBC Trust.
  • China regulators in Microsoft visit : Tue, 29 July, 2014 03:28:45
    Microsoft confirms that officials from the Chinese regulatory body responsible for enforcing business laws have visited some of its offices.
  • VIDEO: One-minute World News : Tue, 29 July, 2014 02:35:54
    Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news updated 24 hours a day.
  • Eggshells may act like 'sunblock' : Tue, 29 July, 2014 02:17:10
    Birds' eggs show adaptations in pigment concentration and thickness to allow the right amount of sun for embryos, scientists say.
  • Migrant benefits to be tightened : Tue, 29 July, 2014 02:03:10
    The time during which EU migrants can claim a range of UK benefits if they do not have realistic job prospects is to be halved to three months.
  • In pictures: Indian child beggars : Tue, 29 July, 2014 01:40:06
    The child beggars struggling to get by in the Indian capital, Delhi


Earth Air and Water

Paramotor, PPG, EPPG, Paragliding, Speed Flying

  • Paramotor Forum : Tue, 05 February, 2013 22:22:09
    The best paramotor forum can be found here Paramotor Forum
  • PPG Safety while Flying Over Water on a Paramotor : Sun, 21 October, 2012 20:51:48
    Flying over water with a paramotor always presents us with a risk of drowning from a possible engine failure, wing malfunction or simply a pilot mistake. There are specific water rescue systems than can be bought and added to your paramotor. There is also the wear a self inflating life jacket / vest not under, [...]
  • New engine from Polish manufacturer TechnoFly, the Rotor H-130 : Thu, 18 October, 2012 14:00:25
    ; ; ; TechnoFly the company that brought us the Ventor 125 a light weight engine that incorporated a clutch, a geared re-drive and an electric starter all into a 13.3kg engine package. They have now gone on to produce an even lighter engine by eliminating the clutch, gearbox and starter motor to produce a [...]
  • new paramotor ppg wing from Paramania, the GTX, a cross country power glider – video : Thu, 18 October, 2012 13:33:02
    The Paramania GTX the bivouac generation is now here. Under pressure, many prototypes later and several years on, the unsatisfied MCJ has finally become satisfied. His project to create the perfect wing for the “X”- country pilot and bivouac flying as well as the average club pilot out to travel is now finished. As its [...]
  • Devin Supertramp Paramotor Video of the PARABATIX SKY RACERS : Wed, 03 October, 2012 08:23:50
    Parabatix skyracers gets the Devin Supertramp treatment. Devin has made a name for himself travelling around the world showcasing many different sports and talents bringing the top skills of a few individuals to be seen by the world via youtube. This time it was the turn of the Parabatix Skyracers. A flying competition dreamt up [...]


Fly Ozone

  • The Ozone Slalom Open at Neeroeteren, Belgium : Wed, 23 July, 2014 14:06:03
    The 2nd editioin of the Ozone Slalom Open series took place the weekend of 18 – 20 July in Neeroeteren, Belgium. The event was organized in cooperation with Filip Peremans, our Ozone representative in Belgium who runs Pro Fly Paramotor School. Despite a windy forecast, more than 30 pilots came together for this event! During the [...]
  • Desert Dunes : Tue, 22 July, 2014 17:27:48
    Combining PPG with other sports can make both disciplines more fun and interesting. Lord Maude Visionary Film Worx recently produced a short piece in cooperation with “Just Gas it”. In it, Ozone team pilot, Emilia Plak, flies her Ozone Slalom 16 together with three top enduro riders across the desert dunes of the UAE.
  • Alex Mateos 1st in French Slalomania League 2014 : Mon, 14 July, 2014 12:20:36
    Ozone team pilot, Alex Mateos, has won the first 2 events of the Slalomania league, competing against former World and National Champions. The first event was held in Saint Omer (France) in June, where Alex won 12 of the 15 tasks. At the second event, in Albefeuille-Lagard, last weekend, Alex reported that 50% of the field were [...]
  • Ozone pilots win at French Championships : Thu, 05 June, 2014 10:36:36
    The 2014 French Championships were a great success for Ozone pilots, who appeared on the podium in 4 classes: Alex Mateos   - 1st in French champs and open class in PF1, Viper3 20 Coralie Mateos – 1st women’s division, Slalom 19 Marie Liepmann –2nd women’s division, Speedster 22 Yann Leudiere / Sylvain Dupuis – 1st foot launch tandem category, [...]
  • Jeff Goin and Chad Bastian win at Endless Foot Drag Competition, 2014 : Sat, 31 May, 2014 09:30:16
    A USPPA sanctioned paramotor competition was held during the Endless Footdrag Fly-In near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Britton Shaw hosted this fantastic event at his huge sod farm (green grass) where you can launch, land and drag your feet through the lawn for hundreds of yards. The event brought out a great group of pilots from around [...]


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