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  • Paramotor Forum : Tue, 05 February, 2013 22:22:09
    The best paramotor forum can be found here Paramotor Forum
  • PPG Safety while Flying Over Water on a Paramotor : Sun, 21 October, 2012 20:51:48
    Flying over water with a paramotor always presents us with a risk of drowning from a possible engine failure, wing malfunction or simply a pilot mistake. There are specific water rescue systems than can be bought and added to your paramotor. There is also the wear a self inflating life jacket / vest not under, […]
  • New engine from Polish manufacturer TechnoFly, the Rotor H-130 : Thu, 18 October, 2012 14:00:25
    ; ; ; TechnoFly the company that brought us the Ventor 125 a light weight engine that incorporated a clutch, a geared re-drive and an electric starter all into a 13.3kg engine package. They have now gone on to produce an even lighter engine by eliminating the clutch, gearbox and starter motor to produce a […]
  • new paramotor ppg wing from Paramania, the GTX, a cross country power glider – video : Thu, 18 October, 2012 13:33:02
    The Paramania GTX the bivouac generation is now here. Under pressure, many prototypes later and several years on, the unsatisfied MCJ has finally become satisfied. His project to create the perfect wing for the “X”- country pilot and bivouac flying as well as the average club pilot out to travel is now finished. As its […]
  • Devin Supertramp Paramotor Video of the PARABATIX SKY RACERS : Wed, 03 October, 2012 08:23:50
    Parabatix skyracers gets the Devin Supertramp treatment. Devin has made a name for himself travelling around the world showcasing many different sports and talents bringing the top skills of a few individuals to be seen by the world via youtube. This time it was the turn of the Parabatix Skyracers. A flying competition dreamt up […]


Fly Ozone

  • New lightweight Spyder : Thu, 15 October, 2015 17:50:38
    Following on from the Sirocco - the first dedicated lightweight paramotor wing - we are proud to introduce the Spyder, a fully reflexed lightweight wing for powered flight based on the successful Roadster 2. Like the Sirocco, the Spyder combines the knowledge learnt from the development of our lightweight paraglider range along with [...]
  • Coupe Icare 2015 : Mon, 21 September, 2015 16:06:35
    This year at the 42nd Coupe Icare Ozone Power revealed the latest new products: The Spyder is a fully reflexed lightweight wing for powered flight based on the successful Roadster 2. The Mojo PWR is based on the Mojo 5 and is a new EN A universal paragliding and paramotor wing. Also announced [...]
  • Video: Ozone Team in Qatar : Fri, 11 September, 2015 05:53:15
    In December 2014, the Ozone PPG Team (& friends) traveled to Qatar to fly together during a seven day event. The Ozone pilots were graciously invited by the Qatar Air Sport Committee to perform a paramotor and acro paragliding show during Qatar National Day. Emilia Plak and Hany Shaker organized the visit, which resulted in [...]
  • PAL TAKATS AT RED BULL AIR RACE in Hungary and UK : Tue, 25 August, 2015 12:56:55
    Once again this year Pal Takats was part of the RedBull Air-Race series performing paramotor displays in Hungary and England. He was using a Viper 2 powered by his new PPG partners FlyProducts and Cors-Air Motors. Pal had this to say about Budapest: “To fly in front of the parliament in the city center of [...]
  • Slalom and the Future of PPG Competition : Wed, 19 August, 2015 23:03:48
    Since 2005, we at Ozone have strived to support our team pilots and customers with cutting edge PPG competition wings for all events. PPG Slalom events have evolved rapidly and we believe their direction needs some serious thought and urgent change. While Slalom racing is an exciting event, the recent tragic accidents have proven that [...]


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