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  • Chicago officer sues shot teen's family : Mon, 08 February, 2016 09:48:10
    A white Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teenager sues his family for $10m (£6.9m), claiming emotional distress.
  • Storm Imogen begins to lash parts of UK : Mon, 08 February, 2016 09:22:51
    Thousands of homes are without power and travel is disrupted as Storm Imogen brings high winds and heavy rain to parts of Britain.
  • Trapped S Africa miners 'still alive' : Mon, 08 February, 2016 09:04:08
    There are signs of life from three people trapped in a South African gold mine following an accident last week, a rescue team says.
  • Should Twitter ignore its users? : Mon, 08 February, 2016 08:41:50
    If Twitter is to grow, it may need to disregard the complaints by its regular users about innovations.
  • Indonesian bootleg alcohol kills 24 : Mon, 08 February, 2016 08:28:11
    At least 24 people have died in recent days from drinking illegally produced alcohol in central Java, Indonesia, say police.
  • VIDEO: Smartpatch aims to put snoring to bed : Mon, 08 February, 2016 08:17:01
    The Silent Partner claims to have come up with a solution for those sleeping with someone who snores.
  • First gas flows from new Shetland plant : Mon, 08 February, 2016 08:16:06
    A huge new gas plant which will service the West of Shetland region and supply up to two million homes is fired up by Total.
  • Quake victim found under husband's body : Mon, 08 February, 2016 08:10:47
    Two people are rescued from a ruined building in Taiwan, one from under her husband's body, more than two days after a quake killed at least 38 people.
  • VIDEO: Jo Malone on 'emotional' decisions : Mon, 08 February, 2016 06:14:30
    Perfumer Jo Malone offers the business advice she wishes she'd been given when she started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.
  • VIDEO: Taiwan quake: the moment a survivor was found : Mon, 08 February, 2016 05:42:23
    Search teams in Taiwan have rescued a man and a woman from a collapsed apartment block more than two days after it was brought down by an earthquake.


Earth Air and Water

Paramotor, PPG, EPPG, Paragliding, Speed Flying

  • Paramotor Forum : Tue, 05 February, 2013 22:22:09
    The best paramotor forum can be found here Paramotor Forum
  • PPG Safety while Flying Over Water on a Paramotor : Sun, 21 October, 2012 20:51:48
    Flying over water with a paramotor always presents us with a risk of drowning from a possible engine failure, wing malfunction or simply a pilot mistake. There are specific water rescue systems than can be bought and added to your paramotor. There is also the wear a self inflating life jacket / vest not under, […]
  • New engine from Polish manufacturer TechnoFly, the Rotor H-130 : Thu, 18 October, 2012 14:00:25
    ; ; ; TechnoFly the company that brought us the Ventor 125 a light weight engine that incorporated a clutch, a geared re-drive and an electric starter all into a 13.3kg engine package. They have now gone on to produce an even lighter engine by eliminating the clutch, gearbox and starter motor to produce a […]
  • new paramotor ppg wing from Paramania, the GTX, a cross country power glider – video : Thu, 18 October, 2012 13:33:02
    [youtube] The Paramania GTX the bivouac generation is now here. Under pressure, many prototypes later and several years on, the unsatisfied MCJ has finally become satisfied. His project to create the perfect wing for the “X”- country pilot and bivouac flying as well as the average club pilot out to travel is now finished. As […]
  • Devin Supertramp Paramotor Video of the PARABATIX SKY RACERS : Wed, 03 October, 2012 08:23:50
    Parabatix skyracers gets the Devin Supertramp treatment. Devin has made a name for himself travelling around the world showcasing many different sports and talents bringing the top skills of a few individuals to be seen by the world via youtube. This time it was the turn of the Parabatix Skyracers. A flying competition dreamt up […]


Fly Ozone

  • Video: Ozone Team perform firework show in Qatar : Tue, 12 January, 2016 22:37:54
    A few Ozone team pilots were invited to perform demonstration flights together with the Qatar Army PPG Team. Alex Mateos, Cade Palmer, Filip Peremans, and Mark Morgan flew with the team during Qatar National Day in December, and were also able to fly through urban areas of Doha city and perform a PPG-launched firework show [...]
  • Spyder - official product video : Fri, 01 January, 2016 20:53:27
    Check out the latest Ozone paramotor video featuring the Spyder to find out how paramotor pilots can benefit from the  special and desirable characteristics of lightweight wings. The Spyder follows in the innovative footsteps of the Sirocco as a fully reflexed, light-weight paramotoring wing. Based on the successful Roadster 2 and weighing in on average 1.5 [...]
  • Alex Mateos wins World Air Games in Dubai : Wed, 16 December, 2015 10:57:51
    Ozone Team pilot Alex Mateos wins the most important and spectacular paramotor competition of the 2015 season - World Air Games 2015. The event took place in Dubai December 2nd-12th, 2015. 38 top pilots from 18 countries competed. Alex was flying a prototype of a new Ozone competition wing and won most of the slalom tasks despite [...]
  • The Rapido official product video : Wed, 09 December, 2015 18:52:02
    Watch our latest video for more insights into the development and release of the Rapido: a new design for pilots who are pushing the limits of steep carving flights, low barrel rolls, and long swoops. With a slightly higher aspect ratio and a more dynamic and agile character than the Fazer series, the Rapido is [...]
  • LiteSpeed official product video : Wed, 09 December, 2015 18:32:49
    Check out the latest in depth info on the development of the LiteSpeed: a highly versatile, lightweight mini-wing that features the latest in SharkNose Technology and Ultralite construction. Its modern design incorporates the same technology that powers our highest performance XC and competition wings, packaged into a user-friendly intermediate mini-wing. Check out the product page [...]


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