Completed Projects

Admiralty Arch : London UK
Inta-nations completed works to restore three copper and bronze lanterns which hang beneath the three arches, the main one of which leads up to Buckingham Palace.

Inta-nations has had the opportunity to aid in the completion of some prestigious contracts by way of precision powder coating and have had many complements on adding the finishing touch to some well crafted metal works. See below an example of the various completed works we have ascertained in the past.

Inta-nations has had many compliments from satisfied customers. Our quality of finish, quick turn around and no fuss policy has been key to our success. All our coating and packing services are bespoke to our customers needs.

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

Ongoing Projects
Inta-nations has had the opportunity to aid in the completion of many prestigious contracts by way of precision powder coating and we have had many complements on adding a quality finishing.

We continue ongoing work with many companies near and far. Everyday work consists of high street shop signage, security devices & lighting through to supporting our Police network with country wide custom vehicle fittings.

Large and small
We powder coat many different projects from some of the largest companies from the UK and abroad down to the many smaller firms who all benefit from our quality precision powder coating. All our customers are important to us New and Existing. Become part of the experience and see how we can benefit you.

Thank you
Inta-nations would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our customers for your continued business.

Hotel California U.S.A
Built in 1975, the California Hotel & Casino has evolved through the years more than doubling in size and becoming one of Downtown Las Vegas' premier properties. The hotel features 781 recently refurbished guest rooms, including 74 luxurious suites. The California's beautiful, richly appointed hotel lobby is a prelude to yet another highlight - the tropical motif of our guest rooms. The décor is enchanting, comfortable, sun-shiny and warm, offering a true welcoming in the Aloha Spirit.
A well known local company suppling building cladding required help for completion of its overseas order for a shipping deadline to the U.S.A. We helped with regard to the polyester powder coating of the cladding, maintaining a high quality specification and were able to meet the shipping arrangements for the completion of the project in the U.S.A.

Wola Park shopping center, Palace Court, Warsaw Poland
Forming the largest integrated retail and leisure center in Poland, Wola Park is situated in the Wola district of Warsaw - an area many informed observers regard as amongst the most attractive for development. Wit a GFA of 92,000 m2, a centrally located Auchan hypermarket and more parking than any other shopping center in the country, Wola Park is set to bring a formidable mix of Inter-national and local retailers, creating a critical mass of retail and leisure under one roof. In addition, revitalization of historic Ulrich park will create a natural link with the local environment and community. C&A, Giacomelli, Euro-Net, KappAhl, Deichmann, Oceania, Gymnasium, Reserved, World Entertainment, Sephora, Pizza Express, Panceum, Camaieu, Orsay, Synoptic, Gino Rossi, APART, Athlete's Foot, Nike/Adidas, Elegant, Lee Wrangler, Cafe Nescafe, LG Petro bank, 5 a Sec, Aren, PTR Computers, Iris, PLUS GSM, Zibi.
Large ornate lighting system for the exclusive Palace Court Section, for and on behalf of a well known british lighting company. Finished in a bronze metallic polyester coating to blend in perfectly with other architectural decor. Wola Park's key elements include: Dual level 30,000 m2 Auchan hypermarket, State-of-the-art multiplex cinema, Restaurants, leisure and services, Large international sub-anchors, 21st century design

Airplane Engine Maintenance : UK
To enable engineers to service jet engines they use scissor lifts, we have completed a number of airline lifts in three corporate colours. Virgin Airlines red/white. British Airways blue/yellow. BAC blue/white. high resistance powders where used to withstand the use of hydraulic oil spills which are very susceptible to surface contaminate.

P&O Ferries : UK
A large project for replacement on two ferries operating out from dover of self serve canteen counter facades. Made from heavy mild steel, architecturally designed and finished in white epoxy/polyester semi gloss for maximum durability. The Ferries were docked at Falmouth for other refits and whilst laid up deadlines were of great importance, our help and turnaround of completed work was required and facades were fitted during this time.

White House : Washington DC. U.S.A
Intanations was sourced for the refurbishment of the most prestigious requirement for the year at Inta-nations the outside chandelier for the White House. Which overlooks the rose garden where President Bush holds his speeches to the media. The item was made in 1910 and last refurbished in 1950, very ornate brass castings, made up size of 108" tall by 40"dia with swags and tails all in cast brass weighing in at 250 kilos with heavy chains to hold it in position. The final colour was also a black 30% gloss sheen, and feed back comments from the White House were of sheer delight.

Ferrari Formula 1 Race Team : UK
Work was completed early in 2002 for the Ferrari teams hospitality/corporate coach which required a hard durable finish for certain interior furnishings. After discussion on specifications for suitability on to aluminium, the final finished colour was black 30% gloss level in polyester which suited the requirement admirably.

Gatwick Airport : UK
New offices, designed by architects using aluminium to enhance the appearance of this very busy environment, coated using Dark Metallic Silver for quality workmanship and stunning visual appeal.

Hotel Fittings : Maritius & UK
Stainless Steel frame works for a 5 star hotel beach bar only 10 meters from the waters edge, special attention was required for pretreatment and coating in Bronze Metallic Texture for protection in this salty environment..

Specialised Lighting Projects : UK & Abroad
Interior & Exterior Designer Lighting. Warner Bros - Star shaped lighting exported to Greece & Switzerland for a film premier. BBC London studio foyer lighting. Sultan of Brunei - light fittings for squash court. Plus many other office illuminations.

Sony Corporation : UK
Interior designers used aluminium for office partitioning for extended offices in a range of colours to blend in with there decor.

Canary Wharf : London UK
Bank of America, Curtain Walling system made from heavy mild steal to hold plate glass panels in situ of the Banks facade, completed on time in powder coat metallic silver. Triple sliding door elevator lift system.

Obayashi : London UK
Nissan Automotive Design Technology Building. The central Londong studio located in the rapidly developing area of the Paddington Basin is housed in The Rotunda, a former British Rail maintenance depot built in the 1960s. Intanations coated among other items the Spiral staircase which was manufactured locally, coated in semi-gloss clear lacquer to keep its grand appearance, 9 ton of metal rising up 3 floors to the bar design studio.

Lady Di Memorial Park : London UK
Manufactured in America in aluminium to a Unique Design of a leaf catcher drain system
which was coated in Non slip green textured polyester to compliment the surrounding colours..

St. Pauls Cathedral : London UK
Chain link system for the suspension of internal lighting fitments, finished in Gold Metallic.


2012 Olympic Stadium : London UK
Anti-Graffiti coatings were used on the main entrances into the stadium. Building claddings dual coated for lasting aesthetic appearance and protection from the UK environment. Car park furniture throughout the site.

Westfield Shopping Centre : Stratford London UK
Westfield shopping centre in stratford that leads up the the entrance to the Olympic games stadium. Intanations was involved in coating numerous architectural designed claddings, polyester coated in natural co-ordinated colours to compliment the surrounding  structures.

Railway Station : Stratford London UK
As part of the on-going development of the Starford Olympic area, we were chosen to complete other neighbouring public transport systems comprising of coating aluminium cladding to the facias of Stratford Station.

Railway Stations : Paddington & Kings Cross London UK
Powder coatings to designer aluminium facias to enhance the interiors and exteriors of the world famous London Railway Stations, Paddington and Kings Cross.

Royal College of General Practitioners : London UK
The RCGP is the professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and abroad. Intanations provided the coating services for entrance doors, viewing windows and exterior cladding.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers : UK
PwC has offices in 771 cities across 158 countries and employs over 169,000 people, with their headquarters in London. Inta-nations puts the finishing touch to the decorative internal design pieces, on going to 2013.

UK International Airports : UK
Various on going projects throughout Heathrow, Stanstead & Gatwick. Comprising of internal structures and designer features through to external street furniture, mechanical security & safety equipment. on going.

High Street Signage : throughout UK
Aluminium illuminated signs for high street brands, Coral, Subway, Co-op, Dominos, Ladbrokes, Pound World plus many other brands and shops.

Office Lighting : UK
Internal lighting contracts throughout UK. Bespoke designer fittings coated in a full range of textures and colours to compliment the surroundings.

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2015 : 2014

Kings Cross Station : UK
Assisting with the continued refurbishment and modernisation of Kings Cross Station London. To add finishing touch to shop facades in the main auditorium.

Caesar Palace : Las Vegas
Works completed to the structural wire walking trapeze act that is shown in the entertainment theatre. Powder Coating key components in the chosen midnight black for pleasing aesthetics.

Walt Disney Resort : Tokyo
Structural systems for the Mermaids production show and also for King Tritons Concert. Powder Coated to specification in semi gloss black to compliment the existing structure.

Marks & Spencers : UK
Clear Lacquer coating applied direct over mild steel frame work for artistic display purposes.

Thurrock Lakeside : UK
Retail Countertop finished with Soft touch transparent lacquer over black and yellow for a dramatic impact.

Wörlein Centre : Germany
5 meter high steel flowers and signage for main entrance.

Carnaby Street : London
Shopping mall facade Kingly Court finished in blue and gold metallic to enhance the entrance.

Tower Bridge Hotel : London
Specialist Designed Totem Panel style Signage for Duchess Walk with a unique finish of 2 colour coats in metallic.

Sadlers Wells Theatre : UK
Behind the scenes equipment consisting of large suspension system made of steel frame work coated in non reflective black.

Mama Mia Stage Show : Touring
Specialised mobile lighting units for the stage show production of Mama Mia show on tour.