With over 49 years of knowledge in the UK, European & Worldwide powder coating industry, we are confident that we will give you the best quality service currently available. Please read through our website, learn and understand what makes Intanations special, you will then see how Our Company can work with You and Your company to provide a better qualtiy product with our expertly applied powder coatings.

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Inta-nations has had the opportunity to aid in the completion of some prestigious contracts by way of precision powder coating and have had many complements on adding the finishing touch to some well crafted metal works. Click the ' Projects ' link and see an example of the various completed works we have ascertained in the past.

Quality Powder Coating applied with precision and understanding.
Learn more about powder coating, the applications, the finishes and why Inta-nations takes extra care in selecting powders.
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  1. our advice is based on many years of experience in many diverse applications.

  2. all metal degreasing system & professional hand finished cleaning to ensure quality at all times.

  3. experienced & professional hand sprayed finish using high quality spray guns and knowledgeable staff.

  4. masking areas from paint and powder using bungs and high temp sticky tapes.

  5. all paint is fully cured in our 50' gas convection tunnel oven.

  6. quality control is checked by experienced staff & using gloss and micron meters.

  7. all our staff are experienced in handling metal fabrications.

  8. wrapping in thick paper, bubble, plastic, boxes, tissue, pallets what ever is required.

Our services are used to great extent within many varied industries.
With our 49 years of knowledge in the powder coating industry, we are confident that we will give you the best service available. It’s what makes us special & what it takes to be one of the worlds best Industrial Powder Coating Companies.