Textures: fine texture, leatherette texture, mud crack, hammer finish

Colours: all colours, gloss, satin, matt, 30%, 10%

Fluorescents: for something to be seen yellow, orange, pink

Special effects: volcanic ash, hammers, pearl & sparkle effects

Metallics: and specials such as textured metallics

Powder Coating has a wealth of advantages by way of colour fastness & metal protection. The latest products cured at temperatures of 170°c to 220°c makes finishes weather (sun, rain, sleet, snow, salt etc.) resistant.
Many of the latest polyester powders are tgic and lead free this makes them a safe durable coating and are increasingly used in the food and medical industries.

A range of low temperature powders is also available for sensitive products. eg. MDF

You can see why precision applied powder coating is the No.1 product for a decorative, tough and safe finish.


Anti-Bacterial Paint
Protects against MRSA Virus

Technical advances in powder coatings have enabled such products as anti-bacterial coatings, killing known viruses such as the ever present MRSA bug. This type of powder works by constantly releasing active silver ions causing over 99% CFU reduction in these tested bacteria's: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli 0157, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtillis, Salmonella enteritidis, Listeria monocytogenes all +99% effected.

We source and test the best possible coatings. All brand names are good quality but that quality does vary between a brand and its colours available. Only with our many years of experience do we know how to choose which colours from the different brands to get the best possible finish available for you, our customer.

Intanations recently applied anti-bacterial coating to 1000's of door handles and push pads for private hospitals and some large corporate buildings and these alone will reduce the number of sick days taken by staff and control the spread of bacteria throughout the buildings significantly.

Only the best equipment can give the highest quality finish. We tested and used a variety of guns before deciding on the best and for a number of years now we have settled on what we believe to give the best results.

Powder Coatings

Powder coating has a variety of durable finishes in BS & RAL Colours

Anti-Bacterial Powder Coating

Quality Powder

Quality Application

Using the latest Gema hand operated precision powder coating guns for a thorough quality custom finish. Robots cannot replace the experienced hand / eye of a professional powder coater.


Also showing zero growth for fungi and moulds. An obviously great application for NHS and Private Hospitals, Large Areas of public access, Planes, Trains and public transport, public toilets, office buildings through to kitchens and even the doctors pen all for our bacterial protection..

ITW Gema has supplied Intanations powder guns and with their technological development we have updated and taken advantage of new coating technologies.

This is an electronic RAL color chart and serves the purpose as a guide only.

Warning: This Chart was produced by Inta-nations by cross referencing HTML screen colours with actual painted sample plates,

Use a genuine color card for true colour definition.

RAL Colour Chart